What is Project Increase?

RORO traffic is one of the main marine transport methods between the south of Spain and the north of Africa.

Taking that into account, just under a year ago, in May 2013, Andalusia and Morocco started a collaborative project, called Increase, with the aim of optimising the flow of RORO merchandise between the ports in both areas.

With the participation of the Andalusian ports of Malaga, Almeria and Motril and those of Melilla, Tangier and Nador, the goal is also to improve competitiveness in these port areas, as well as strengthening relations between Spain and Morocco.

The project therefore covers an analysis of the methods and technologies employed by the main ports in eastern Andalusia and the northeast of Morocco in goods transport management (provisional and definitive locations, routes to border controls, in-port logistics, etc.)

The reason for choosing the ports in eastern Morocco is specifically in order to develop and consolidate these sea routes, to the point of reaching the integration levels of similar transport chains on either side of the Straits of Gibraltar, the point of connection between Africa and Europe.

Project Increase will run during 2014, with the following actions being carried out:

Analysis of the state of RORO traffic, detecting deficiencies and carrying out a study of current related work methods.

Implementation of technology and good practices, the methodology of which will be identified in inter-territorial workshops during May and June.

Visits to the Moroccan and Spanish ports in October by interested logistics agents, with the aim of tightening the collaboration in a practical manner and observing business opportunities. This will be a Study Tour, financed by the European Union.

This collaboration will provide greater awareness of technology and its impact on goods traffic, as well as the intermodal level of the ports. Furthermore, the logistics available to clients will be increased and the port areas will be promoted internationally.