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The law firm of San Simón and Duch has decided to add to its existing, traditional links with clients, colleagues, institutions and other members of the sector by developing a broad on-line and social media presence, which it knows will reach a large part of its community, both nationally and internationally.

The firm, therefore, presents the following channels, through which it aims to provide San Simon & Duch’s view of the very latest topics in maritime, insurance, transport and international trade law, as well as keeping its community up to date with news from the practice, and offering the firm’s expertise through analysis and regular contributions on these subjects.

. San Simón & Duch website in Spanish

. San Simón & Duch website in English

. SS&D Blog in Spanish

. SS&D Blog in English

. Spanish Twitter account @SanSimonDuch

. International Twitter account @SS&Dinternational

. The firm’s LinkedIn profile

. Communications department LinkedIn profile

We invite all those who are interested in these subjects to join our community and to follow our content, which will be updated daily. We also invite those who wish to do so to make their own contributions and, through the power of new technology, participate in the stimulating world of maritime, insurance and transport law.