Spanish Shipping Law at a glance

English publishing house Global Legal Group has just brought out their International Comparative Legal Guide to Shipping Law, with the chapter on Spanish law in this area being prepared by the partners of the firm San Simón & Duch.

Mercedes Duch and Luis de San Simón give, through analysis and explanation over eight sections, a complete overview of Spanish Shipping Law, covering everything from marine casualties to cargo or passenger claims, as well as current procedural law and the latest legislative developments.

It’s worth remembering that Spain recently passed a new Shipping Act (Law 14/2014, of 24 July) one of the aims of which is to “remove the existing contradictions between the various International Conventions in force in Spain and the disparate national laws that govern this area”, as the new law states in its explanatory statement.

The second edition of the International Guide to Shipping Law also includes an introductory general chapter written by English firm Clyde & Co LLP on limitation of liability, as well as chapters on 38 different jurisdictions, including Spain, all written by leading maritime lawyers.

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Capítulo SS&DSan Simón & Duch found the collaboration to be “very rewarding” given that it “helps to make current maritime law available to the professionals in the sector, in a condensed, systematic format”.

The complete contents of the Guide can be consulted in its on-line version, without the need for a subscription.