Interactive Report: ILO Convention about to come into force

Welcome to the first Interactive Report from San Simón & Duch.

This report gives you the key information about the entry into force of the ILO Convention, as well as letting you take part in surveys and polls designed to understand the views of the industry.

The Convention is an appropriate measure which, although it doesn’t bring in any major new requirements, does increase the amount of paperwork to be done. There is no doubt that the majority of ships are in great shape to pass the inspections with flying colours.

The systematic work the ILO has done, as set out in the Convention, will lead to an improvement in the working conditions of seafarers at the same time as it gives greater legal security to shipowners through systematic regulation of the requirements to be complied with for those ships that are held to be places of work.

Our office will provide assistance and legal advice to all parties affected by the Convention; from helping shipowners deal with the preparation and processing of the required documentation, to assisting with inspections, reviewing employment contracts and providing legal defence in any eventual penalty proceedings.