Today it is one of the largest maritime, insurance and transport law firms in Spain.

San Simón & Duch provides legal advice, in national and international matters, in all areas of maritime, transport and insurance law, as well as in international trade matters.

With presence in the main Spanish cities, the firm is closely related to prestigious international law firms – which allows San Simón & Duch offer its professional services immediately.

It started in 2001 with the spirit to do things from a new perspective. San Simón & Duch was born from a project of renowned professionals who wanted to adapt to market changes. Luis de San Simón and Mercedes Duch founded San Simón & Duch as an innovative firm but with the aim of continuing to provide their already consolidated professional services.

The global economy depends on the various connections: fluid channels through which goods and people move through ocean routes, highways, trains, airplanes and rivers. Complex industries that require a global perspective.

We help industry leaders resolve their contingencies and focus on long-term sustainability.


Our History

The history of San Simón & Duch is linked to a personal project of its members where effort, work and customer service prevail. These values have allowed San Simón & Duch to have the trust of national and international clients in the most relevant matters.

Starting in 200I with the opening of our headquarters in Madrid, we open our Seville offices in 2004. One year later in 2005 our offices in Cádiz and Bilbao in 2007.

Continuing with the growth and adaptation to our clients we open our offices in Valencia in 2012.

In 2015, continuing with our philosophy of closely accompanying our clients, the Algeciras office was opened. And in 2018 the Huelva office was opened.


Corporate Social Responsibility

San Simón & Duch is an office driven by sensitivity towards the professional environment. In the line of modernity and innovation that characterizes the firm, the development of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is framed.

And all this, from the conviction that concepts such as responsibility, solidarity, integration, diversity and quality must be present in the way in which we carry out our professional practice for the full commitment to our clients and society.

This program is the result of the initiatives carried out by the people who make up our organization, initiatives whose scope transcends both internally and externally.

We understand our human capital as one of our main assets. This commitment of the people who make up our organization makes us feel especially proud.

Social commitment

In an environment in which opportunities are not presented equally for all individuals, whether for reasons of disability, gender or race, at San Simón & Duch we support initiatives aimed at the eradication of socio-cultural barriers.

The more an individual is involved with the society around him, the greater will be the individual and collective success.

San Simón & Duch has oriented its commitment towards projects focused on the social integration of the disabled and early childhood education.

San Simón & Duch con la Fundación  CADETE San Simón & Duch con la Fundación NIÑOS DE GUARATARO



Diversity is part of the principles that make up our organization.

Our goals of being more dynamic and effective can only be achieved through a methodology in which diversity is present. Therefore, we focus our efforts on creating a diverse and inclusive workspace. Having diverse teams is to anticipate and integrate the challenges of our clients.

Through a culture of inclusion we enhance our ability to provide excellent legal services. It is to increase creativity and innovation. It is looking to the future with optimism.

Our current reality and our future as a firm lie in the potential of each one of the people that make up our organization and, in our ability to attract, retain and promote talent and efficiency. To do this, we must make a permanent effort to promote an environment where people can outline and develop their full potential, expanding our possibilities of choice for the benefit of our customers.