San Simón & Duch is the result of a project devised by professionals who seek to adapt to the changes in the market. In 2001, Luis de San Simón and Mercedes Duch founded San Simón & Duch, an innovative law firm committed to provide their professional services and to make every effort to satisfy and meet their clients’ needs.

Since its very foundation, starting with the opening of the Madrid office, the philosophy of the law firm has responded to the same values their partners had already put into practice throughout the years: excellence in work and customized services. With this in mind and for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of their clients, San Simón & Duch opened its offices in Sevilla (2004), Cádiz (2005) and Bilbao (2007).

In 2011, due to its continuous growth due to market needs, but also following the specific request of their clients, the Madrid office expanded and so they were forced to refurbish their facilities. The expansion of the law firm concluded with the opening of the San Simón & Duch office in Valencia in 2012.

The background of San Simón & Duch has always been linked to the personal project devised by its associates, based on
effort, hard work and customised services. These are the values that have allowed them to gain the trust of both national and international clients in the most relevant matters.

In 2015 the Algeciras and Huelva office were opened.