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The southern hub

Calle Palacio, 10, Puerta 1, Oficina 5, 21001, Huelva

Maritime Law Office in Huelva


The Huelva office, opened in 2018, is the result of the expansion and growth that San Simon & Duch has been experimenting since it was founded.

The professional team that makes up the Huelva office develops its work in the various branches of Law maritime, transport law, insurance law, administrative, and mercantile.

With the opening of the Huelva office, whose strategic position is essential to meet the needs of the clients of the firm, full advice is provided, covering the entire eastern area of Spain.

Since its implementation, it has advised the most relevant companies in sectors such as shipping companies, shipyards, consignees, freight forwarders, insurance companies, P&I clubs, family businesses, import and export, banks, etc. and to foreign law firms of the most varied origins.

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