Mercedes Duch as Titulary Member of the CMI

On September, 30th, the Assembly of the “Comité Maritime International (“CMI”) unanimously appointed our partner, Mercedes Duch, as Titulary Member of the CMI.

The appointment of Mercedes Duch is a milestone of the Maritime Law in our country, as she is the first woman in Spain to be appointed as Titulary Member of the CMI.


The CMI is the oldest organization in the world that is concerned with the unification of Maritime Law and related commercial practices. The CMI was established in Antwerp in 1897, and since then it has been contributing and working for said unification of Maritime Law in all its aspects.

Mercedes joins our partner, Luis de San Simón, as Titulary Member of the CMI.

We would also like to congratulate the other 3 Spaniards appointed, colleagues of the Spanish Maritime Law Association.